“A Coming Tsunami Of Answered Prayer”


Garris Elkins, Medford, OR

As I prayed about the coming of the year 2015, I saw an image of approaching waves. I saw wave after wave approaching our shoreline and crashing upon our nation. While many people are expecting waves of terrorism and disease to arrive, the Lord said:

“I want you to look for the other waves. Look for the waves I am sending. This is where your focus needs to be. The waves I am sending will overcome these lesser waves of fear and death and wash over your nation with the fruit of My presence.

As I heard these words, I knew that long awaited promises were about to be fulfilled.

Many unforeseen things are approaching the nations of the world at this time. Without hope, fear and panic can direct our Quiver Flaming Arrows by Linda Harris-Iorio Continue reading

In The Beginning

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Breath of God by Debbie Guess

Week of October 15, 2014

But there is a spirit in man and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding”.  Job 32:8

Debbie Guess 3‘Your thoughts are words to Me; there is nothing hidden.” says the Lord.  I AM fully aware of the torment that rages inside of you and the continual thought that I have forgotten.  But, I would not be aware of your concerns if I wasn’t nearer to you than a brother and the lover of your soul.  I have not abandoned you or forsaken you in any way; I AM as close as a whisper.  In fact, if you turn to the right or to the left, I AM there…if you look above or below, you will see me.  I AM all around you.  Embrace these words and believe with your heart that this too shall pass. … Continue reading

5775: Promises Await You

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